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Solar Products

Multiple categories of products to provide customers with diverse professional choices

solar products——Lithium battery

Solar Storage battery

24V LifePo4 battery
48V LifePo4 battery

Solar inverter

Hybrid solar inverter
Off Grid solar inverter

Solar charge controller

mppt solar charge controller
pwm solar charge controller

One-stop Solar Solutions

Simplify customer processes and make it easier to adopt solar energy by providing complete packaging of products and services

Rich Product Line

Provide all types of UPS and inverters, solar charge controllers and batteries.

Installation Service

Provide installation guide and technical support


Low MOQ, color box design available, logo design

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R&D Personnel

About Techfine

Guangdong Techfine Electronics Co., Ltd. (New Fourth Board Science and Technology Innovation Board Enterprise, Code: 892667) is a high-tech enterprise and innovative enterprise.

Intelligent modeling enterprise with the title of industry. After more than 20 years of intensive cultivation, Techfine has been Focus on the cutting-edge of green smart energy and safety emergency protection power products manufacture

Independent R&D Team

Strong R&D system, won a number of patented technology, support custom development

1 To 1 Customer Service

Provide pre-sales after sales consulting.provide professional one-stop matching Set of solutions.

After-Sales Service

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Global Export Experience

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Competitive Advantage

With the support of integrity management, the pursuit of customer demand, based on the top of the market, well received by domestic and foreign customers and users.

Related Certifications

Obtained multiple patent certifications and strictly followed the national production safety management system

Latest news

Keep abreast of the latest industry news and our company's latest developments

Tips of Lithium Battery Maintenance

Tips of Lithium Battery Maintenance

Lithium Battery Maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity, safety, and reliability of these widely used power sources. Whether in electronic devices, energy storage systems, or electric vehicles, proper care

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