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New launch! 15/30kw High Hrequency Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

In the booming development of renewable energy, solar energy is becoming more and more popular as one of the clean and renewable energy sources. In order to better utilize solar energy, we are launching our company’s new product: 15kw/30kw high-frequency three phase hybrid inverter.

New Appearance Design

The appearance of the three phase hybrid inverter is brand new, showing a fashionable and modern design style, which is perfectly integrated in various environments, adding a bright look to your solar system.

Touch screen display

Adopting large touch screen display, the status is clear at a glance, the operation is more convenient, so that users can easily grasp the system operation.

Tower-type front-end wiring terminal

Unique tower-type front terminal design, convenient for users to install, save time and improve installation efficiency.

High power low battery voltage input

Supports high power low battery voltage input, adapts to various load conditions, ensures stable system operation, and provides strong support for your energy system.

Multiple PV inputs

Multiple PV inputs, realizing complementary PV utility load, maximizing the use of solar energy resources, and improving the efficiency of energy use.

High power charging function

Equipped with high-power charging function, providing fast charging current, saving your time and improving charging efficiency.

Rich communication interface

Equipped with rich communication interfaces, including RS232, RS485, dry contact, etc., it realizes intelligent connection with external devices for remote monitoring and management.

Grid-connected power generation function

Support grid-connected power generation function to meet different power needs and flexibly respond to various situations, providing you with more comprehensive energy solutions.

Multiple lithium battery protocol communication charge/discharge management

Supports communication with a variety of lithium battery protocols to achieve charge/discharge management, extend battery life, improve system stability, and bring you a more reliable energy experience.

Our company’s high-frequency three-phase hybrid inverters are more than just a product; they are an important contribution to our vision of clean energy. Whether we are providing reliable solar energy solutions for homes, businesses or communities, we are always committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service and products.

If you are interested in our new products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and work with you to start a new era of clean energy!

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