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All in one solar energy storage system ——LD Series

5.5KW/11KW All In One Solar System

Energy Storage | High Frequency | Inverter+LifePo4 Battery

LA Series Feature


Flexible matching,

Optional battery pack increasing

Grade A Battery Cell

10,000 cycles at 25 degrees Celsius
All in one solar energy storage system BMS

BMS management system

Superior performance and strong stability.

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Providing efficient, reliable and innovative storage system solutions

Our experts will work one-on-one with you to provide you with the best possible solutions

LA Series Parameter

Inverter-Lithium Battery Integrated Machine LD Series Technical Parameters (Selection Guide)
Inverter ModelLD5548JMHLD11048JMH
Rated power5500VA/5500W11000VA/11000W
Voltage range170-280VAC(UPSmodel)90-280VAC(Inverter Mode)
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz(Automatic adaptation)
The output voltage230VAC±5%
Peak Power11000VA22000VA
Conversion efficiency (maximum)94%
Output frequency50/60Hz±0.1%
Switching time10ms (computer equipment), 30ms (home appliances)
Output waveformSine Wave
Load loss<55W<80W
Solar charging and mains charging
Solar charging methodMPPT
PV maximum input power5500W2×5500W
MPPT input voltage range90-500Vdc
Maximum PV charging current100A150A
Maximum AC charging current80A120A
Maximum charging current100A150A
Physical parameters
L×W×H (product dimensions)550×170×450650×260×470
Net weight (NW Kg)1315
Battery modelLD100AH/51.2V/100ELD230AH/51.2V/200E
Battery capacity5120WH11776WH
Battery voltage51.2VDC51.2VDC
Battery TypeLithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)
Full charge voltage (FC)56V
Full discharge voltage (FD)42V
Maximum continuous discharge current100A200A
Maximum discharge current120A(1 minute)230A(1 minute)
ProtectBMS, Circuit Breaker
Charging voltage56V
Charging current (recommended)50A(0.5C)115A(0.5C)
Charging current (maximum)100A200A
L×W×H (product dimensions)550×170×450650×260×560
Net weight (NW Kg)55110
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