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Three Phase Solar Inverter

15KW/30KW | High Frequency

KA Series Feature

Tower front terminal block for user-friendly installation
Large touch screen display, rich communication interface.
Multiple PV PV inputs, PV utility complementary with loads
Providing efficient, reliable and innovative inverter solutions

Our experts will work one-on-one with you to provide you with the best possible solutions

KA Series Parameter

  Three phase modeSingle phase mode
Factory modelKA15048SSKA30048SSKA15048DDKA30048DD
InputInput formatThree-phase+N+PESingle phase L+N+PE
Rated input voltage3 x 380VAC/400VAC (3 phase + N line)220/230/240VAC
voltage range155-483VAC±3V (normal mode) 295-483VAC±3V (UPS mode)90-280VAC±3V (normal mode) 170-280VAC±3V (UPS mode)
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz (adaptive)
outputOutput rated power15000W30000W15000W30000W
The output voltage380VAC±5%220/230/240VAC±5%
Output frequency50/60Hz±0.1%
waveformpure sine wave
Switching time (settable)Computer equipment 10ms, household appliances 20ms
Peak power30000W60000W30000W60000W
Overload capacityBattery mode: 21s@105%~150% Load 11s@150%~200% Load 400ms@>200% Load
Grid-connected operationThe output voltage380VAC220/230/240VAC
Feed into grid voltage range337-437VA195-253VA
Feed into the grid frequency range49-51±1Hz/59-61±1Hz
Nominal output current3×21.7A3×47.8A65.2A143.4A
Power factor range>0.99
Maximum conversion efficiency (DC/AC)98%
BatteryRated voltage48Vdc
Constant charging voltage (can be set)56.4Vdc
Float charging voltage (can be set)54Vdc
chargerPV charging methodThree-way MPPTSix-channel MPPTThree-way MPPTSix-channel MPPT
PV maximum input power3×5500W6×5500W3×5500W6×5500W
MPPT input voltage range90~500Vdc
Optimum Vmp operating range300~400Vdc
Maximum PV input voltage500Vdc
Maximum PV input current3×27A6×27A3×27A6×27A
Maximum PV charging current300A450A300A450A
Maximum mains charging current180A360A180A360A
Maximum charging current300A450A300A450A
showLCD interfaceCan display operating mode/load/input/output, etc.
interfaceRS232Baud rate 2400
Expansion slot communication interfaceLithium battery BMS communication card, WIFI card, dry contact card, etc.
Environmental parametersOperating environment temperature -10~50℃
Operating environment humidity20%~95% (no condensation)
Storage temperature -15~60℃
AltitudeThe altitude should not exceed 1000m, derating above 1000m, up to 4000m, refer to IEC62040
Physical parametersDepth × width × height (mm)undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined
Weight(for reference)KGTBDTBDTBDTBD
Standards and CertificationsEN-IEC 60335-1, EN-IEC 60335-2-29, IEC 62109-1


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