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What Is a Split Phase Inverter

What Is a Split Phase Inverter? I’m sure you’ll get something out of this post. Normally, the inverter will only output one voltage. However, in some countries, electrical appliances have two input voltages, such as 110V/220V. In this case, if you use a solar power system, you need a solar inverter that can output two voltages, 110V and 220V. We call this kind of inverter which can output two voltages as split phase inverter.

split phase solar inverter

How split phase inverters work

The working principle of a split phase inverter is not complicated. First, it takes DC power from a battery or DC power source. Then, it uses internal electronic switches (such as MOSFETs or IGBTs) to convert the DC into two Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signals, which are 180 degrees out of phase. Finally, these PWM signals are filtered and processed into a smooth AC output.


Advantages of split phase inverter

High efficiency: Due to the use of high-frequency switching technology, split phase inverter have low losses during the conversion process and are highly efficient.
Stable: Split phase inverter are capable of outputting stable AC power with a 180-degree phase difference, which is suitable for applications that require precise phase.
Wide range of uses: it can be used in many different occasions, including domestic and industrial uses, and is highly applicable.

Disadvantages of split-phase inverter

Higher cost:

Split phase inverter are more complex to design and manufacture, and as a result they usually cost more than regular single phase inverter or three phase inverters. This is mainly due to the additional electronics and more complex control circuits required.

Efficiency Issues:

While split phase inverter excel at high efficiency, in some cases, conversion efficiency may be limited, especially when loads are highly variable or used incorrectly, which can lead to increased energy losses.

Size and weight:

Split phase inverter tend to be larger and heavier than regular inverters due to the need for more complex circuitry and components inside. This can be a problem in certain applications where space is limited or a lightweight design is required.

Heat dissipation issues:

High-frequency switching operations generate more heat and require an effective heat dissipation design. Improper heat dissipation may result in degraded performance or damage to the inverter.

Complex control and maintenance:

Split phase inverter have complex control systems that require specialized knowledge and skills for operation and maintenance. This increases the difficulty of use and maintenance and may require specialized support.

Reliability issues:

Despite advances in technology, split phase inverter may face reliability issues in certain demanding environments. For example, high temperature, high humidity or dusty environments may adversely affect the life and performance of the equipment.

Applications of split phase inverter

Household appliances:

Many household appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators, use electric motors to operate. These motors often require split phase power to start and run.

Industrial equipment:

In factories and industrial locations, split phase inverter are used to drive a variety of machines and equipment, such as power tools and conveyor belt systems.

Power Systems:

Split phase inverters can be used in a number of specific power systems to help convert DC power to AC power for easy connection to the existing power grid.

Split phase inverter are crucial for applications needing dual voltage outputs, offering high efficiency and stable performance. Despite their higher cost, larger size, and maintenance complexity, their versatility and reliability in both domestic and industrial applications make them a valuable component in modern power systems.

If you’re looking for an efficient, stable power conversion solution for a variety of applications, consider a split phase inverter. Whether you have appliances in your home or industrial equipment, split phase inverter provide reliable power conversion to help your equipment run efficiently. Act now to discover the advantages that split-phase inverters can bring to your power needs!

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