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Lead Acid Battery vs Lithium Ion Battery

Lead Acid Battery vs Lithium Ion Battery,which better? Lithium batteries and lead acid batteries in the field of energy storage have a significant position, no one can not completely replace who, but the focus of the two batteries is obviously not the same. So which is better, lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries? Compare the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries from the following aspects.

Advantages of lead acid battery

  • Good safety performance. Lead-acid batteries are good to feed, any you fall and beat, a little repair, you can continue to use.
  • Cheap. Lead-acid battery price is about 1/3 of the lithium-ion batteries, visible in its low price.
  • Recyclable reverse repair. Lead-acid batteries are highly recyclable.

Disadvantages of lead acid battery

Lead acid battery large weight, limited battery capacity, shorter life, lead-acid batteries are generally within 400 times of deep charging and deep discharging, with a life span of about three years.

Advantages of lithium ion battery

  • Lithium ion battery Light weight and small volume. The volume of lithium battery is 2/3 of lead-acid battery, and the weight is about 1/3 of lead-acid battery.The capacity of lithium battery is higher than lead-acid battery for the same volume.
  • Lithium ion battery long life. Lithium-ion battery average life is about 4 years, than lead-acid battery life is higher than about a year, charge and discharge more than 500 times, the battery is used without memory, shock resistance.
  • Lithium ion battery overcharge resistance, good resistance to charging and discharging performance. Lithium-ion batteries at normal temperatures, lithium-ion batteries can be continuously charged for 48 hours will not appear battery expansion leakage rupture and other accidents, the capacity to maintain more than 95%. And under the special charger, it can be quickly charged and discharged.

Disadvantages of lithium ion battery

Lithium-ion battery production costs are high, production equipment expensive labor costs account for about 40% of the production costs, the price is about three times the lead-acid battery. The price is about three times that of lead-acid batteries. The cost-effectiveness brought about by the three times price is not high, quite giving people a feeling of being flashy, and lithium-ion batteries are not recyclable.

Lead Acid Battery vs Lithium Ion Battery

Lead acid batteryLithium ion battery
Weight Energy Density50~70wh/g200~260wh/g
Life cycle>2000300-350
SuitabilityImproper handling can cause
Operating Temperature Range15-35℃-20-60℃
Discharge characteristicsUnstableStable


In short, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries have their own benefits and drawbacks, although lithium batteries have very many advantages, but in view of now, its technology is not perfect enough, and early products often do not reach maturity. And lead-acid battery technology after years of precipitation, more mature, the price is cheaper, now look at the year-on-year better point, has been very favored by users.

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