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AGM vs GEL Battery: Which One is Better

AGM vs GEL Battery: Which One is Better? There are two types of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batter ies: a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery with ultra-fine glass fibre diaphragm (AGM); and a valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery with colloidal electrolyte (GFL) (abbreviated as GFL-VRLA battery). They all use the cathode absorption principle to make the battery sealed.

Difference between agm and gel battery

AGM battery and gel battery are two types of sealed lead-acid batteries that are manufactured using no process technology. They are quite different from each other in terms of design ideas, electrolyte fixation, assembly requirements, battery structure and performance. Let’s elaborate the difference between the two.

    1. Structure

    AGM battery: Uses pure aqueous sulfuric acid solution as electrolyte with a density of 1.29~1.3g/cm3.

        GEL battery: Electrolyte is made of silica sol and sulfuric acid, with a lower concentration of sulfuric acid (usually 1.26~1.28g/cm3) and 20% more electrolyte compared to AGM battery.

        2. Discharge capacity

        AGM battery has a lower discharge capacity (about 10% lower than ordinary lead-acid batteries) due to the lower electrolyte amount and thicker pole plate.

        GEL battery generally exhibits better discharge capacity compared to AGM batteries.

        3. Internal resistance and high current discharge capability

        AGM battery has low internal resistance and strong high-current discharge capability due to the glass fiber spacer with 90% porosity, facilitating ion diffusion.

        GEL battery has higher internal resistance compared to AGM battery due to the structure of the gel, which affects ion migration and diffusion.

        4. Service life

        AGM battery is sensitive to electrolyte loss, which can significantly reduce its capacity and lifespan.

        GEL battery is less sensitive to water loss due to its liquid-rich design, resulting in a longer service life.

        5. Compound efficiency

        GEL battery initially exhibits lower oxygen compound efficiency, which improves over time.

        AGM battery has very high oxygen compound efficiency from the start due to the large number of oxygen channels provided by the unsaturated voids in the diaphragm.

        Conclusion:AGM vs GEL Battery

        ITEMGEL BatteryAGM Battery
        Rated capacityComposite standardComposite standard
        1H rate capacityComposite standardComposite Standard
        1C equal high rate dischargeMediumGood
        Thermal runawaySeldomFrequent
        Heat exchangeGoodMedium
        Cycle life and float lifeBigSmall
        Acid DelaminationGoodMedium
        Electrolyte densityNoYes
        Electrolyte VolumeLowHigh
        Overcharge performanceGoodMedium
        Charging VoltageLowHigh
        Charging currentLowHigh
        A comparison of the performance of GEL batteries and AGM batteries is shown in the following table

        Whether you choose agm or gel batteries, it is important to combine to meet the requirements of different needs and application scenarios. agm batteries are suitable for scenarios that require higher discharge rates and fast charging, while gel batteries are suitable for long term cycling and higher ambient temperatures. Choose the type of battery that suits your needs to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

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