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Top Lithium Battery Manufacturers In China

The lithium battery industry is in a period of rapid growth. Driven by the new energy vehicle and photovoltaic energy storage markets, the power energy storage lithium battery market will lead the lithium battery industry to a new level and achieve leapfrog development. The China Lithium Battery Enterprise Ranking Comprehensive Strength Analysis Report will analyze and evaluate the comprehensive strength of the main companies in the domestic lithium battery production enterprise ranking, find out typical companies, set industry benchmarks, and promote the healthy development of the industry. The following are the top lithium battery manufacturers in China:

  1. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.(CATL)

Reasons for being on the list: CATL continues to output technological innovation, has a broad customer base at home and abroad, and has global leading competitiveness. Since 2017, the company’s global power battery market share has been ranked first. In the first three quarters of 2023, domestic installations accounted for 42.8%, and overseas installations accounted for more than 25%. In terms of customers, the company is the main supplier of Tesla, SAIC, Geely, Ideal, Weilai, and Ceres. Overseas Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, PSA, etc. are accelerating their volume growth. It is the main supporting enterprise for domestic passenger car exports, accounting for more than 60%. In terms of technology, in 2023, the company’s sodium batteries, M3P, and 4C Kirin will achieve mass production and installation, 4C LFP will sign contracts with Nezha, Chery and BAIC, and 500Wh/kg condensed state is being developed in cooperation with civil manned aircraft. With the superposition of scale effects and the advantages of the layout of the entire industrial chain, the company continues to have global leadership. However, it should also be noted that competition in the power battery industry is becoming increasingly fierce, competition among first- and second-tier battery companies is fierce, and the geopolitical risks in Europe and the United States are increasing, which will be a certain test for the company’s subsequent market development and market share consolidation.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.(CATL)
  1. BYD Company Limited. 

Reasons for being on the list: Since the release of blade batteries, Fudi Battery’s shipments have achieved a huge leap, and with its cost and safety advantages, its global installed capacity ranks second. The company’s own-brand vehicles have surged, driving its power battery installed capacity to continue to increase, and entering the Tesla supply system proves the technical strength of blade batteries, and also promotes the accelerated expansion of its external supply scale, which is expected to drive further market share. In addition, the company’s all-round layout in the field of new energy vehicles covers lithium mineral resources, upstream materials, battery cells, battery packs, as well as complete supply chains such as motors, electronic controls, and IGBTs, which jointly promote the development of power battery business. However, “it’s good to lean on a big tree to enjoy the shade” also makes the company’s battery business research and development innovation publicity insufficient. Since the launch of blade and CTB technology, few new technologies have been released to the outside world. In the future, increasing technical material innovation and publicity may be helpful to the company’s external development.

BYD Company Limited
  1. CALB Group Co., Ltd.

Reason for being on the list: Riding on the development of GAC Aion, Zhongxin Aviation’s power battery installed capacity has increased exponentially to achieve coverage of Xiaopeng’s full range of models. Since the major asset reorganization in 2019, Zhongxin Aviation has made major adjustments to its strategy, products and customers, strategically turning to ternary lithium and passenger cars, focusing on high-voltage ternary products, and opening up the market with GAC Aion and Changan as customers, and then signing fixed-point agreements with Wuling Hongguang, Geometry, GAC Toyota, GAC Honda, and Smart, and further becoming the largest battery supplier for Xiaopeng Motors this year. In addition, the company focuses on ultra-high rate batteries, supports the entire series of Haobo SSR models, enters the field of luxury smart electric vehicles, realizes the full-circle industrial layout, and gradually optimizes the customer structure. Future development is worth looking forward to.

CALB Group Co. Ltd
  1. EVE Energy Co., Ltd.

Reason for the list: Yiwei Lithium Energy drives high expectations for power battery growth with square iron-lithium and ternary large cylinders. In the first half of 2023, the company’s power battery installed capacity ranked eighth in the world, with a growth rate leading the industry. In the domestic market, the company focuses on square iron-lithium products and has become a core supplier of Xiaopeng, GAC Aion, Nezha and other companies; in the overseas market, the company has accelerated the development and mass production of 46 large cylinders. At present, the 46 series of large cylinders have obtained a total of about 472.31GWh of intended orders for the next five years. It is expected to complete the construction of 20GWh of production capacity within the year, and plan to produce more than 50GWh of production capacity in Shenyang, Chengdu, Hungary and other places. In terms of customer development, the company’s subsidiary Yiwei Power received a 12V lithium battery system order from General Motors and signed a memorandum of understanding with Rimac in Europe. In addition, Yiwei USA, a subsidiary of the company, plans to establish an overseas joint venture in the United States with Electrified Power, Daimler Truck, and PACCAR. The company has made steady progress in the field of power batteries, and its market share has gradually increased. In addition, it covers the full range of lithium batteries in the consumer and energy storage fields, and its strength in the industry cannot be underestimated.

EVE Energy Co. Ltd
  1. Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd.

Reasons for being on the list: As a former leading domestic lithium iron phosphate battery company, Guoxuan High-tech has fully enjoyed the dividends of the substantial growth of the lithium iron phosphate battery industry in the past two years, especially after being controlled by Volkswagen, its overseas layout has been quite advanced. With the strong support of shareholders, its product brand and technical strength have also been greatly improved compared with before. Especially when the US IRA Act increases restrictions on Chinese power battery companies, Guoxuan High-tech may benefit from the background of its foreign controlling shareholder and seize the development opportunities in the European and American markets.

Gotion High-tech Co. Ltd
  1. Svolt Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Reasons for being on the list: As a power battery company born out of an automobile company, Honeycomb Energy understands automobiles better than other competing companies. In the early days, it relied on Great Wall Motors to expand its scale, and later relied on leading high-speed stacking technology and advanced battery materials to strengthen its products. In recent years, Honeycomb Energy has developed a large number of customers other than Great Wall Motors and worked hard to expand its circle of friends. Recently, it has been rumored that it has won a large order from BMW, and has achieved remarkable results in de-Great Wallization. In terms of brand promotion, Honeycomb Energy is second, and no one dares to say it is first. It has pioneered a large number of new concepts and new terms in the industry. Once it successfully enters the capital market, relying on a strong financing platform and shareholder background, Honeycomb Energy’s competitiveness will be further enhanced.

  1. Sunwoda Mobility Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Reason for the list: As a company that has been working in the field of lithium-ion batteries for a long time, Xinwangda has nearly 30 years of experience in lithium-ion battery production and manufacturing. Relying on rich industry experience, Xinwangda has grown rapidly in the field of power batteries. While focusing on square batteries, it has also laid out large cylinders, covering the two major application markets of BEV, PHEV/EREV power and energy storage, and actively laying out in areas such as electric ships. Once the company’s power battery business is successfully spun off and listed, its financing capabilities will be greatly enhanced, and it will help the company’s competitiveness to improve rapidly.

Sunwoda Mobility Energy Technology Co. Ltd
  1. Jiangsu Zenergy Battery Technologies Co., Ltd

Reason for being on the list: With the help of Tafel’s team and technology, and the strong industrial capital behind Zhengli, Zhengli New Energy has achieved rapid development after acquiring Tafel. Especially with its close relationship with Fuyao Glass, it will have more advantages in the process of developing downstream car customers. It can be expected that with the support of comprehensive technical strength and rich and diversified customer demand advantages, Zhengli New Energy will have a broader development space.

Jiangsu Zenergy Battery Technologies Co. Ltd
  1. REPT BATTERO Energy Co., Ltd.

Reasons for being on the list: In the industrial chain, Ruipu Lanjun is backed by Tsingshan Group. Relying on the resources and layout advantages of Tsingshan Group, it has layouts in the fields of composite materials, semi-solid, lithium iron manganese phosphate, and sodium ion batteries. Relying on its significant advantages in the supply chain, its products have strong cost competitiveness and have become the second or third supplier of many automakers. It has also launched the “Wending” battery to compete with CATL’s Kirin battery, especially the recent completion of its

  1. Do-Fluoride New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Reasons for being on the list: As a leading company in the global fluorine material industry, Do-Fluoride has launched a full industrial chain layout in the new energy vehicle industry chain. Among them, the power battery business was established in 2010. Relying on its absolute advantage in the upstream lithium hexafluorophosphate field, Do-Fluoride New Energy has also formed a clear advantage in the power battery field. The lithium battery solutions of various technical routes are superimposed on the first-mover advantage in the field of sodium-ion batteries. The company’s competitiveness in power batteries cannot be underestimated.

Do-Fluoride New Energy Technology Co. Ltd

After exploring the outstanding performance and market strategies of major Chinese power battery companies, we cannot ignore the contributions of other outstanding lithium battery manufacturers. Our company focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of high-performance lithium batteries, and is committed to providing reliable and environmentally friendly energy solutions to customers around the world. We have an experienced R&D team that continuously promotes technological innovation to ensure that our products remain competitive in the market. Our products cover a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to electric vehicles to large-scale energy storage systems. With advanced production equipment and a strict quality control system, we have gradually established a good reputation in the industry and won the trust of many domestic and foreign customers. In the future, we will actively expand the international market, promote the development of the new energy industry, and move towards a new era of green energy with major companies.

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