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24v lithium battery

24V Lithium Battery | 200ah Lifepo4 Battery

Comprehensive BMS to Match all Hybrid Inverters

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Product Characteristic

Large capacity, high-strength metal shell iron phosphate carp battery, sufficient capacity
Charging equalization function
SOC (battery current storage status), SOH (battery current health status) estimation function
LED status indication function, LED real-time display SOC function
Low power consumption, and has a variety of sleep and wake-up modes
Adjustable overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, buzzer alarm
High voltage accuracy (<20mV), high current accuracy (2%@FS) battery temperature detection (<2C) with parallel communication function, RS485 communication and host computer monitoring function, and CAN communication
With battery pack capacity and cycle count calculation function;

Product specifications

Battery Voltage(V)25.6
Battery Capacity(AH)200
Max Charging Voltage(V)29.2
Max Charging Current(A)50
Max Discharging Current(A)100
Working Voltage Range(V)22~29.2 
Charging Temperature Range0℃~60℃ Working below 0℃ will affect the full capacity of the battery
Discharging Temperature Range-20℃~60℃ Working below 0℃ can affect the full capacity of the battery
Storage-40℃~55℃@60%±25% humidity
Size(L*W*H mm)480*690*195
AssembleWall Mounted
LCD DisplayBattery Capacity, Output Voltage and Current
LED LightCapacity, Working and Fault
Communication PortWith RS232, RS485, CAN
Support BMS Communication Software: Victron、Pylon、Deye、SMA、Growatt、Goodwe、Voltronic、PCHNE、Sofar、MEGAREVO、TBB
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