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48v Lithium Battery | LiFePO4 Battery

Comprehensive BMS to Match all Hybrid Inverters

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Product Characteristic

It adopts high stability lithium battery, which has passed CE and UL certification, safe and reliable.
With voltage, current, temperature detection and protection function.
Short circuit protection function, anti-reverse connection function, battery pack capacity and cycle counting function.
Wide operating temperature range, the discharge temperature range can reach -20℃~50℃.
Equipped with weak switch, sleep wake-up function and charge wake-up function.
Charge current limit and pre-charge function.
Multiple units (old and new batteries) can be connected in parallel.
Customizable lead-acid battery mixed parallel connection.
Built-in automatic fire extinguishing device makes the product safer.

Techfine LifePo4 Battery Product Advantages-A-grade battery, sufficient capacity

A Grade Battery

The QR Code on our battery cells isused fortraceability and quality control.
Techfine LifePo4 Battery Product Advantages-Complete certificates

Complete Certificates

Passed CE and UL certification, comes with dangerous goods package certificate.
Techfine LifePo4 Battery Product Advantages-Good compatibility

Good Compatibility

Support communication protocol modification.

Product specifications

Battery Voltage(V)
Battery Capacity(AH)100200300
Max Charging Voltage(V)58.458.458.4
Max Charging Current(A)505050
Max Discharging Current(A)100100100
Working Voltage Range(V)44~58.444~58.444~58.4
Charging Temperature Range0℃~60℃ Working below 0℃ will affect the full capacity of the battery
Discharging Temperature Range-20℃~60℃ Working below 0℃ can affect the full capacity of the battery
Storage-40℃~55℃@60%±25% humidity
Size(L*W*H mm)480*690*195680*760*195970*760*195
AssembleWall Mounted
LCD DisplayBattery Capacity, Output Voltage and Current
LED LightCapacity, Working and Fault
Communication PortWith RS232, RS485, CAN
Support BMS Communication Software: Victron、Pylon、Deye、SMA、Growatt、Goodwe、Voltronic、PCHNE、Sofar、MEGAREVO、TBB
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