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HB Series Parameter

Rated Capacity500VA800VA1000VA1500VA
Rated Power350W500W800W1200W
Nominal Voltage220VAC(Standard)/110VAC(custom)
Output Voltage(AC)The output voltage under AC is the same as the input voltage
Output Frequency (AC)The output voltage frequency under AC is the same as the input frequency
InputVoltage range220V:154-264VAC±3V                                                       110V:77-132VAC±3V
Wave FormPure sine wave
Load Peak Ratio(MAX)3:1
Static Power(W)6W8W9W11W
Protectionoverload/high temperature/output high voltage /output low voltage/
battery low voltage shortcircuit/over-charge/over-discharge/reversed polarity(optional)
LCD indicator statusAC input voltage, AC input frequency, PV voltage, PV current , Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Battery voltage, Load current etc.
Transfer Time≤10ms
Battery TypeExternal lead-acid battery,water battery,Lithium battery
Battery Voltage12VDC12VDC12VDC24VDC
Charge Voltage13.75DC13.75DC13.75DC13.75DC
Charge Current8A13A18A30A
Battery Charging voltage range150-280VAC
Audible alarmLow battery protection-continuous beeping 
Low battery protection-1 second beeping 
Overload-continuous beeping 
Overload less than 130%-1 second beeping and shutdown the output after 30 seconds; Overload more than 150%,shutdown the output after 300ms
Malfunction-continuous beeping 
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature0~40℃
Relative Temperature—10℃~90 no condensation
Storage Temperature-15-45℃
PackingMachine Size(mm)300*144*213
Carton Size(mm)392*227*318
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